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We sell the next generation of Irish dance shoes. Here at Ryan & O’Donnell we are committed to providing the best quality in every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and keeping them 100% satisfied.

Sound Definition

We have used advanced mould technology to make the heel and toe tips and have developed a patented honeycomb technique.


Professional athletes are now switching to footwear that is light, for the simple reason that it is proven to increase the performance of the athlete.


Whilst we are not advocating that our shoes will cure, our shock dispersion system has been designed to help prevent.

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It’s not just another dance shoe…

Gone are the days of having to stuff your new hard shoes under the sofa, wear them around the house for weeks even months on end, spend a fortune on blister plasters, use chemicals to soften them, put the shoes in clamps or even get your mum to wear them for you!

Out the Box Flexibility, slipper like comfort, amazing sound, 25% lighter shoes and featuring a class 1 medical insole.

Our patent pending construction techniques mean durability, enhanced sound, lightness plus the added bonus of no unsightly screws. We have used advanced mould technology to make the heel and toe tips and developed a patent pending honeycomb technique which helps make our shoes the lightest in the market.


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