Shoe Sizing
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Shoe Sizing

Please scroll down to see size charts for pumps / soft shoes and jig / heavy shoes

If you are unsure of the shoe size you require, we recommend that you draw around your foot on a plain piece of paper and measure between its two longest points (Heel to Big Toe) in Millimetres. Choose the Size corresponding to that measurement in the Drop-down menu. eg – 210-213 / 2.0

Please note: The chart below measures your actual street shoe size. We recommend you drop down a half size to full size for hard shoes e.g. if you measure 210mm drop to a size 1.0 and if you measure 213mm drop to a 1.5. With regards to our Soft Gel pumps and boys Revolution reel shoes collection we recommend you take the size as per the chart below, so take your street shoe size and drop only half a size should you want a very tight fit (our Soft Gel pumps and Revolution Boys shoes fit small so please be aware of this and order as per chart or half size down at the most).

How to Draw

Place the foot (in sock) on a blank piece of paper and draw around it, ensuring the pen/pencil is held vertically.

Draw a line along the foot from the two most extreme points (heel to toe) and measure. Clearly mark in MM’s the length of the foot.

Please also measure around the joint of your foot (the widest part) to estimate if you are a standard or wide fitting. The shoe will stretch to a small degree around the width of the foot over a period of time but should not stretch length wise so please chose the correct size.

Check the width by wrapping the measuring tape around the foot until it touches. Widths may differ by shoe size (example: for Size 5.5, the Standard Fit is between 210 mm and 223 mm and the Wide Fit is between 228 mm and 240 mm) so send the measurement to determine best fit.

Shoe Sizes

Sizes indicated are UK sizes

SizeFoot Length
12184 to 187
13188 to 198
1199 to 204
1 ½205 to 209
2210 to 213
2 ½214 to 217
3218 to 221
3 ½222 to 225
4226 to 230
4 ½231 to 234
5235 to 238
5 ½239 to 242
6243 to 247
6 ½248 to 251
7252 to 255
7 ½256 to 259
8260 to 264
8 ½265 to 368
9269 to 272
9 ½273 to 276
10277 to 280
10 ½281 to 285
286 to 289

The above conversation chart is intended to be used as a guide to help you. Sizes are an estimate on what Irish dance shoe size to order. Feet are funny things and we know that most people have one foot a slightly different size to the other. Therefore no guarantees can be made. This is why we do offer a 28 day return policy. Please check the delivery & returns policy for full details.