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About Our Advanced Mould Technology Shoes

Our patent pending construction techniques mean increased durability, enhanced sound and lightness. We have used advanced mould technology to make the heel and toe tips and developed a patented honeycomb technique. The heel is one piece so you do not need to worry about the secondary heel part falling off or screws becoming loose as these are all housed inside the heel and tip.

Our tips are the lightest in the market in addition the walls inside allow for the sound to be amplified which is what gives our heel and tips a sharper sound. As our heel and toe tips are made from moulds you can be assured that they will be asymmetric in shape and size as there is no manual hand grinding or room for error. So you know you will always get continuity from our toe and heel shape.

Please be aware that as a result of our patent pending design technique which make the shoe lighter and have a sharper sound, that it is not possible to replace the tips and heel pieces on our shoes. Our heel and tips are more durable because of the mix of ingredients. The toe and heel pieces can be sanded down to a degree in order to suit all, with the added bonus of being black throughout.


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