Competitions & Why Do We Do This?
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Competitions & Why Do We Do This?

A question that I’m sure every Irish dance parent has asked at some point.

We do it because we want to encourage our kids – to act as their cheerleaders and shoulders to cry on.

We do it because it’s fun, deep down we enjoy it, as parents and guardians we get to share in the victories and the heartaches.

We do it because of the friends we made along the way some we may only see a couple of times a year but it’s such a strong bond that it’s there for life.

We do it because in today’s virtual world it’s still great to see children together exercising, having social interactions, and spending time with their parents.

We do it because the worlds not fair and its a great lesson to show that hard work pay off. We do it because our children are Irish dancers and that’s enough

We do it because………………………… feel free to add below.